Jul 17, 2021 | EU funding, infrastructures and logistics, Law of inland navigation and for tidal waters


Inland waterway transport financing. In order to address the challenges faced by the inland waterway transport sector and deliver on the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, European Commission put ‘Inland Waterway Transport Action Plan 2021-2027’, in line with the new multiannual financial framework and : shifting more freight transport to inland waterways, and setting the sector on an irreversible path to zero-emissions, underpinned by a paradigm shift towards further digitalisation, as well as accompanying measures to support the current and future workforce. Meeting these core objectives will require an integrated approach and a basket of measures incorporating transport, environmental, digital, energy and fiscal policies, backed up with financial incentives, as indicated in the Annex to the Action Plan below. 


Shifting more freight transport to inland waterways
1. Continued support for innovative infrastructure and deployment through Horizon Europe and CEF From 2021
2. Revision of the TEN-T Regulation – Inland waterway transport requirements and role of coordinators 2021
3. Deployment of cross-disciplinary digital information and operation systems for water- and waterway management through CEF From 2022
4. Transport crisis contingency plan(s) 2022
5. Review of the regulatory framework for intermodal transport, including the Combined Transport Directive 2022
6. Issue guidelines for operators and platforms on informing users about the carbon footprint of their deliveries and on offering sustainable delivery choices 2023
7. Review the inland waterway transport  market access legislation 2022
8. Evaluation of the Directive (EU) 2016/1629 on technical requirements for inland vessels 2022
Towards zero-emission inland waterway transport
9. Specific actions arising from the Mission on Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters and from the Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport Partnership/Green Hydrogen partnership From 2021
10. Support through CEF  for the deployment of zero-emission inland vessels From 2021
11. Facilitate through the H2020 Platina III project the elaboration of an EU energy index methodology for assessing carbon intensity levels of inland waterways vessels 2022
12. Evaluate the procedure for allowing derogations in the context of  Directive (EU) 2016/1629 for encouraging   the navigation   of zero-emission vessels on EU waterways 2023
13. Analysis to assess the need for measures for promoting low carbon/zero-emission vessels. 2025
14. Revision of the railways State aid guidelines – possible inclusion of IWT and  possible block exemption of aid for the coordination of transport From 2021 to 2023
15. Revision of the State aid guidelines  for environmental protection and energy, as well as the  State aid Framework for research, development and innovation 2021
16. Technical Guidance document on climate proofing on infrastuctuture in the period  2021-2027 2021
17. Study  to support the  greening of inland ports 2021
18. Revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive  and a roll-out plan with funding opportunities and requirements 2021
19. Request the European Standardisation Organisation for harmonised standards for alternative fuels infrastructure for inland waterways and ports 2021
20. Continous support for innovative and alternative fuels  infrastucture and deployment through Horizon Europe and CEF From 2021
21. An assessment of the needs of waste reception infrastructure and and degassing facilities 2024
22. Revision of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926 on multimodal travel information services with inclusion of inland waterway transport 2022
Smart inland waterway transport
23. Revision of the Directive 2005/44/EC on Harmonised River Information Services 2022
24. Technical assistance for a permanent operational structure for a single point of access for the provision of RIS-based Corridor Information Services 2024
25. An integrated and operationalised vision for the digital transformation of the current traffic and transport related business models and processes in the sector 2023
26. CEF technical assistance project to strengthen public-private cooperation in inland waterway transport  and facilitate implementation of the digitalisation vision 2023
27. Facilitate the Development, demonstration and the deployment of holistic Smart Shipping Concepts for the digital integration of  inland waterway transport in the synchromodal supply chain, including RIS, through Horizon Europe and CEF From 2022
Towards more attractive and sustainable jobs in inland waterway transport
28. Regular information on the labour market structure through the inland waterway transport market observatory From 2022
29. Evaluation of social legislation in the context of the market access fitness check 2023
30. Propose measures on  digital tools for recording and exchanging information on inland crew and vessels 2021
31. Propose measures on EU crewing requirements for inland navigation 2024
32. Request development of standards for skills for alternative fuels’ operations and for environment-friendly and efficient vessel operation (eco navigation) 2022
33. Facilitate the efforts of stakeholders and Member States to create a fund complementing EU and national financial instruments 2024
34. Support the CESNI through the CEF technical assistance for the development  of technical standards  for inland waterway transport 2022
35. Support the CCNR and the Danube Commission for ensuring, where approriate,  the coordination between  EU policies  and the policies of the respective  international organisations From 2022