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Marcello Barbieri is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Lucca as well as the Statutory Auditors.

Furthermore, he is a professional licensed to issue the Seal of Approval on tax declarations, which requires the confirmation of the correspondence of information given in the declaration with the findings of the related documents and the numerous provisions that regulate the deductible charges, deductions and tax offsets, the deduction of withholding tax, payments.

The seal of approval was introduced to our tax system with the legislative decree of 9th July 1997, no. 241, and represents one of the levels of control of the correct application of the fiscal regulations; it is attributed by the legislator to individuals outside the financial administration that demonstrate professional requirements, requirements of integrity and ethics of high profile in order to be able to offer a guarantee to the Exchequer and the taxpayer, entrusted to his care, that the activity carried out is in line with the regulations disciplining the subject.

Marcello Barbieri excels in fiscal subjects, tax law, tax planning, tax compliance and he is particularly skilled in valuing companies and company shares, both in the yachting sector and in the industrial sector; furthermore, he has significant experience in the sector of extraordinary operations including transformations, fusions, demergers, contributions, liquidations, acquisitions and transfers.

Because of his high professional and moral value, as well as his significant experience, Marcello Barbieri is frequently named expert (in criminal cases) and technical consultant (in civil cases) by the Court of Lucca and he is also named bankruptcy trustee just as frequently.

He carries out the tasks of statutory auditor in important limited companies. In the transport sector, Marcello Barbieri provides advice and assistance to companies operating mainly in the yachting sector, with regard to fiscal, administrative and business profiles of the company.

Furthermore, he assists Italian and foreign companies in operations of sales, leasing and hiring of watercrafts as well as for the purpose of the establishment of companies for the management of such watercrafts.

Marcello Barbieri is member, co-founder and treasurer of the Italian Association of Inland Navigation Law.


Fields of specialisation

  • Ship finance
  • Tax planning
  • Extraordinary operations including fusions, transformations, acquisitions, transfers, investiture and liquidations
  • Estimates of companies and shares
  • Establishment of companies
  • Real Estate
  • Consultancy, representation and tax assistance
  • Statutory audit
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Tax disputes