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The firm is a national and international leader law firm in transport law of goods and passengers via inland waterways and via river-sea transport; thanks to its high level of specialisation, over the years it has become a point of reference not only for companies and shipowners but also ministerial and regional institutions as well as local bodies.

Massimiliano Grimaldi, during his professional experience carried out at the Legal Office of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, dealt with the study and examination of legal matters regarding the sector, the elaboration of regulations, the study and examination of EU directives on inland navigation as well as preparation of the related transposition measures. As a result of his high level of competence and extensive experience gained in the sector, RAM Logistica, Infrastrutture e Trasporti, in-house company of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport with capital wholly held by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, gave Massimiliano Grimaldi the job of carrying out a specific study on the EU legislation regarding the harmonised services of river information on inland waterways of the EU (RIS) and to draw up the draft regulation for the transposition of directive 2005/44/CE.

Massimiliano Grimaldi is author of books and many articles and he is a member of the Inland Transport Committee – Working Party on Inland Water Transport set up within the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) based in Geneva. He is also a member of the Legal Committee of the International Association for the representation of the mutual interests of the inland shipping and the insurance and for keeping the register of inland vessels in Europe (IVR) based in Rotterdam.

Furthermore, Massimiliano Grimaldi founded and is president of the Italian Association of Inland Navigation Law (AIDNI) – -, made up of lawyers, accountants, shipping companies and public authorities.

Francesca D’Orsi is vice president of the managing committee, Marcello Barbieri is the treasurer and secretary.

Mandates entrusted to the firm include the advice and assistance in construction, sales and rental and hiring operations of ships of inland navigation, advice and assistance in the procedures for the change of flag, advice and assistance in the competition procedures for the entrustment of the local public transport service, advice and assistance for the issuing of authorisations and licenses to carry out non-scheduled public transport services (taxi services; hiring service with driver) of vessels, advice and assistance regarding transport of dangerous goods via inland waterways and tidal waters.

The firm’s clientele is made up of shipbuilders, companies that own goods, shipping companies, logistics companies, contractors of the local public transport service in inland waters, companies that carry out non-scheduled public transport service of passengers via ship, ministerial and regional institutions, provinces, communes, reclamation consortiums and trade associations.




“Professionalism and a great deal of expertise in a personalised relationship based on trust and striving to get a result together.”

Sograf srl
Railway company


“The Associazione Italiana Armatori Trasporto Passeggeri [Italian Association of Owners of Passenger Transport Vessels] bears witness to the professionalism and competence of Studio Grimaldi.

It is purely due to the high level of competence, authority and strategic vision of Massimiliano Grimaldi that the Association has managed to be hugely successful and gain recognition in the maritime field over the last few years.”


Associazione Italiana Armatori Trasporto Passeggeri


“We would like to point out the significant satisfaction of Ucina Confindustria Nautica with the advice and legal assistance received from the lawyer Massimiliano Grimaldi in the Yachting sector.

The lawyer Massimiliano Grimaldi assisted Ucina in negotiating very important legal and economic matters for the industry, first and foremost the reform of the yachting code, not only supplying top-level legal preparation, but also supporting Ucina in selecting the best strategies.”


Ucina Confindustria Nautica



“We are very happy to have avv. Massimiliano Grimaldi as our legal expert in Italy.

It was a great help to be able to rely on his great expertise and experience.

We are happy to have a reliable and proactive legal partner like him on our side”


Unlim AG
Logistics operator, Basel, Switzerland



“We asked avv. Massimiliano Grimaldi for legal assistance following the occurrence of some problems concerning the state property concession we hold in the port of Marina di Carrara.

We are fully satisfied with his precious and decisive intervention.

He was able to identify the focus of the problem with promptness and preparation, following the case with care and dedication, managing to positively combine public needs and our operational needs, typical of a shipyard”


O.r.n.i.c. S.r.l.
Shipyard, Marina di Carrara


“Thanks to the great competence and forward thinking of the lawyer Massimiliano Grimaldi, we were able to continue conducting our business, overcoming a particularly difficult time.”


Yacht Broker srl
Manager of tourist ports


“With the forward thinking and professionalism of lawyer Massimiliano Grimaldi, we found in Studio Grimaldi great assistance and support in negotiations and selection of sustainable solutions regarding the complex issue of state property concessions of the companies of Saint Mark Square in Venice, coming to the elaboration and promotion of rules for amendment of the national legislation to protect the companies and obtain results. Thank you.”


Veneziana Retail srl and Committee of Ancient Crafts of Venice


“We would like to point out the Genoese company Grimaldi Studio Legale in relation to the expert advice and legal assistance provided to Actv Spa regarding navigation safety and professional certification of on-board personnel.

In particular, lawyer Massimiliano Grimaldi assisted our company in the introduction, in the legislation of a special law that will allow a simplified framework regarding navigation in local public transport service in the protected waters of the lagoon of Venice to be received by the institution.

The above-mentioned collaboration fully satisfied our expectations, at the same time allowing us to appreciate the professionalism, competence and helpfulness of the lawyer Massimiliano Grimaldi.”


ACTV Venezia Spa



“Avv. Massimiliano Grimaldi is a highly trained lawyer and immediately gave us confidence.

We appreciated his clarity and competence given by his evident knowledge of the subject of state property concessions and thanks to his work we were able to preserve our historic store in Piazza San Marco”


Ravagnan Art Gallery
Venice, Piazza San Marco 

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